2016 Golden Pasties

Golden Pasties provided by Glorious Pasties!

The Meathead Award

for the performer who is the biggest gym rat

And the Winner is:

Gal Friday

The Hack Attack

for the Performer most likely to work with Russia to hack the Golden Pastie Server

And the Winner is:

Bastard Keith

The Woo Award

for the person with the biggest 'WOO' factor! Person who carries the most crystals and meditates all the time!

And the Winner is:

Darlinda Just Darlinda

The Hustler Award

for the performer with the biggest hustle

And the Winner is:

Calamity Chang

The 7 minutes in heaven award

for the performer who you would most like to get down with

And the Winner is:

Corvette Le Face

The Internet Star award

for the performer most likely to break the internet.

And the Winner is:

Dangrrr Doll

The Striptease Instigator

somehow, everyone always ends up naked around them!

And the Winner is:

Jo Weldon

The Most Expressive Ass

for the performer whose tush says it all

And the Winner is:

Peekaboo Pointe

The Bitmoji Award

for the performer with the best bitmoji

And the Winner is:

Murray Hill

The MILFY Award

for the burlesque mom you'd most like to .....well you know...

And the Winner is:

Bella Blue

The Mary Jane Award

for the performer most likely to open their own dispensary as soon as its legal

And the Winner is:

Poison Ivory

The I Don't Give A Fuck Award

for performer with the least amount of fucks to give

And the Winner is:

Nasty Canasta

Blessed and Honored Award

the Blessed and Honored Award: the performer who gushes gratitude for every gig, at every price point AND NEVer LEAVES anyone untagged

And the Winner is:

Grace Gotham

The AbFab Award

for the gal pal most likely to end up like Patsty and Adina

And the Winner is:

Kitten N Lou, Minnie Tonka & Darlinda Just Darlinda, Dirty Martini & Julie Atlas Muz

The Biggest Super Fan Award

for the fan who is a fixture in the audience

And the Winner is:

Noah & Connie Singman

The Legend Award

And the Winner is:

Camille 2000