2021 Golden Pasties

Nominate your favorite NYBF performers for the awards that suit them the best! Nominations will be accepted August 13th - August 27t. The top three nominees in each category will go on to compete for the cherished Golden Pastie Award!


The Get Er Done Award

performer most productive in lockdown

The Webcam Wiggler Award

performer with the best online acts during quarantine

The Shaker Award,

performer who made the best quarantinis

The Bosom Buddy Award

performer most fun to be stuck in quarantine with

The Influencer Award

Performer most likely to Tik Tok their way to stardom

The Freak In The Spreadsheets Award

performer who rocks Google Drive, makes spreadsheets sexy and organizes in overdrive

The Hottest Freshman Award

The Toilet Paper Hoarding Award -

performer who’s always stocked or prepared backstage

The Sexiest Elbow in Burlesque Award

performer with the sexiest elbows in the world

The Vax Attack Award

performer who scored the first Vaccination Appointment and helped lead the way for others

The Shameless Award

performer most likely to nominate themselves for a pastie

The Off The Grid Award

Performer most likely to quit and disappear into the mountains

The Zoom Room Boom Award

performer most proficient in fancy backrounds, beauty filters, sharing screens and muting people.

The Quantum Leap Award

performer most likely to time travel or surf the astral plane

Nominee Pics

Akynos (Berlin)

Albert Cadabra (NYC)

Amoxie Villain (PA)

Angie Pontani (NYC)

Anja Keister (NYC)

Audrey Love (NYC)

Aurora North (NYC)

Baby LeStrange (Portland, OR)

Bebe Bardeaux (Washington, DC)

Ben Franklin (NYC)

Bessie Boutte (OK)

Boo Bess (NYC)

Boo Boo Darlin' (NYC)

Broadway Baby (Berlin)

Broadway Brassy and The Brass Knuckles (NYC)

Broody Valentino (NYC)

Calamity Chang (PA)

Cassandra Rosebeetle (NYC)

Cheeky Lane (NYC)

Chris Harder (NYC))

DJ Fresh Prince of Darkness (NYC)

DJ MomoTaro (NYC)

Dandy Dillinger (NYC)

Darlinda Just Darlinda (NYC)

Dirty Martini (NYC)

Faggedy Randy (Chicago, IL)

Faux Pas Le Fae (NYC)

Francine The Lucid Dream (NYC)

Gal Friday (NYC)

Gigi Holiday (DC)

Gin Minsky (NYC)

Ginger Twist (NYC)

Holly's Good (Roma, Italy)

Ivory Fox (NYC)

Jack Barrow (NYC)

Jen Gapay (NYC)

Jonas St Cyr (Las Vegas, NV)

Jonny Porkpie (NYC)

Joshua Dean (NYC)

Kitten N Lou (NOLA)

Kyla (NYC)

Lady Mabuhay (NYC)

Margo Mayhem (NYC)

Margot Starlux (Philadelphia, PA)

Matt Knife (NYC)

Medianoche (NYC)

Minnie Tonka (NYC)

Miss Alyssa Kitt (NYC)

Miss Brawling Beauty (NV)

Miss Orchid Mei (Hollywood, CA)

Muff Jones (Boise, ID)

Murray Hill (NYC)

Nina LaVoix (NYC)

Olive TuPartie (NYC)

P. NoNoire (Chicago, IL)

Pearls Daily (NYC)

Pepper Grinds (Falmouth, MA)

Pinkie Special (NYC)

Puss N Boots (NYC)

Queensinera (NYC)

Rara Darling (NYC)

Rex Halligan (NYC)

Samson Night (NYC)

Scotty the Blue Bunny (Berlin)

Seedy Edie (NYC)

Shelly Watson (NYC)

Tansy (NYC)

Taradise (NJ)

The Evil Hate Monkey (NYC)

The Maine Attraction (NYC)

Tigger! (NJ)

Tiny D (NYC)

Trinity Starlight (NYC)

Veronica Viper (NYC)

Vic Sin (NYC)

Whiskey Jules (NYC)

Wilfredo (NYC)
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