2021 Golden Pasties

Voting is now Closed! Stay tuned for the Final Pasties Results!

Finalist Pics

Angie Pontani (NYC)

Anja Keister (NYC)

Audrey Love (NYC)

Boo Boo Darlin' (NYC)

Dandy Dillinger (NYC)

Darlinda Just Darlinda (NYC)

Dirty Martini (NYC)

Faggedy Randy (Chicago, IL)

Francine The Lucid Dream (NYC)

Gal Friday (NYC)

Gigi Holiday (DC)

Gin Minsky (NYC)

Ginger Twist (NYC)

Jonas St Cyr (Las Vegas, NV)

Kitten N Lou (NOLA)

Margo Mayhem (NYC)

Medianoche (NYC)

Muff Jones (Boise, ID)

Murray Hill (NYC)

Olive TuPartie (NYC)

Pinkie Special (NYC)

Puss N Boots (NYC)

Rex Halligan (NYC)

Samson Night (NYC)

Shelly Watson (NYC)

Tansy (NYC)

The Evil Hate Monkey (NYC)

The Maine Attraction (NYC)

Wilfredo (NYC)
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