2023 Golden Pasties

Voting is now Closed! Stay tuned for the Final Pasties Results!

Finalist Pics

Albert Cadabra (NYC)

Alyssa Kitt (NYC)

Andrea Flow (NYC)

Audrey Absinthe (Canada)

Bambi & Barbie (NYC)

Bishop of Burlesque (NYC)

Boo Boo Darlin' (NYC)

Boys Night Revue (NYC)

Broody Valentino (NYC)

Clit Hardwood (Chicago)

Dandy Dillinger (NYC)

Demi Remi (NYC)

Dirty Martini (NYC)

Edie Nightcrawler (NYC)

Esmé (NYC)

Faggedy Randy (Chicago)

Gal Friday (NYC)

God-dess Egypt BlaqueKnyle (California)

Jack Barrow (NYC)

Jen Gapay (NYC)

Julie Atlas Muz (NYC)

Lilin (NYC)

MF Akynos (NYC/Berlin)

Margot Manifesto (Indiana)

Minnie Tonka (NYC)

Mr Gorgeous (NYC)

Peekaboo Pointe (NYC)

Pepper Grinds (Massachusetts)

Puss N Boots (NYC)

Queensiñera (NYC)

Ruby Quinn (NYC)

Samson Night (NYC)

The Brides (NYC)

The Evil Hate Monkey (NYC)

The Maine Attraction (NYC)

Tiger Bay (NYC)

Tiny D (NYC)
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